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Impossible Otter Says NOTHING is Impossible, If You Try!


The Impossible Otter’s real name is Andy.

Andy, AKA Impossible Otter, learned at a very young age that he was different from other otters, because he had a speech impediment that caused him to stutter when he was under stress.

Andy had lost his father to a hunter when he was just an otter pup, and the experience shattered his young otter life, but only for a little while.

Andy’s mother refused to let her son believe that he was destined for a life of anything but greatness, and she continually told Andy that nothing is impossible, as long as you try.

Andy went out for the debate team at school, and he also auditioned for and landed speaking roles in school plays, since his biggest obstacle in life was his stuttering.

Andy faced his fear head on, just like his mother taught him, and he ended up becoming the president of the debate team and one of the schools top actors.

Andy’s success, and his belief that nothing is impossible, became a way of life for him, and for all those around him.

Andy’s best school friend Tommy began referring to Andy as Impossible Otter, and it stuck.

Andy AKA Impossible Otter has many adventures and stories about his overcoming life’s obstacles, and we will share them all here, on his website, so check in daily!

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